People who are obsessed with False God – should be obsessed with this song. It’s definitely the same vibes – same sexual sounding composition and vocals. I am slightly going out of order of tracks but Paris I have something planned but it needs to be okay weather at night [sad times living in Michigan].

I watched the snippets from opening day for The Era’s Tour and my gosh. I’ve never had so much serotonin rush through my body without physically attending something before. She really did think about all attending. Those with higher up seats are getting great visuals, and those down below get to see her in the flesh. But any ways, moving on to the song.

Lyrical Interpretation

We were supposed to be just friends
You don’t live in my part of town but maybe I’ll see you out some weekend

For the people who don’t believe this song was about Joe, this first line [and another one] prove it is to me. Joe lived in New York but not near Taylor. Someone else lived around the block from Taylor for awhile [which is the same part of town] – so that situates this song to be about someone not local. But speculation aside, I find that the most romantic stories happen with those who don’t intend on finding love. We find love when we are ready but mentally independent.

This song starts with the idea that the narrator was hurt, supposed to be on their own, met someone and started to get intrigued… a subtle wanting to see them out but not sure if it’ll happen.

Depending on what kind of mood and situation-ship I’m in
And what’s in my system

Depending on what mood and the situation [ship] I’m in. If she’s in a relationship, a hook up, a mood, and depending on what’s in her system… alcohol? drugs? or an yearning for physical touch. I’m on some new shit.

I think there’s been a glitch, ah-yeah
Five seconds later I’m fastening myself to you with a stitch, ah-yeah

I love thinking about the glitch that showed up during Wildest Dreams in her tiktok announcement for that song. It was there all along. But anyways, Blondie found herself like snow on the beach, falling in love and becoming dependent in her feelings on a new person.

And I’m not even sorry
Nights are so starry

Nights are so starry, “Do I really have to chart the constellations in his eyes? Futures feel brights, dreams are alive, nights are beautiful, In my mind We drew a map on your bedroom ceiling

Blood moonlit
It must be counterfeit
I think there’s been a glitch, ah-yeah

This has to be fake because it’s so perfect. I personally think part this song happened before The Great War. She was falling for someone, it’s too good to be true, and then she self sabotages herself, blaming someone for something they didn’t do, and we have Cornelia Street, Afterglow and The Great War. But this upcoming verse is after it’s been awhile together.

I was supposed to sweat you out

I was supposed to meet you and leave you. Like you and leave you, but…

In search of glorious happenings of happenstance on someone else’s playground

Ok so Happenstance means coincidence. There are two ways to take this line. Either [Joe] was coincidentally looking at Taylor when she was with someone else, In search of someone – and feelings occurring coincidentally when I was with someone else, OR the other way around. Either way, someone was taken – but if the rumors involve Taylor meeting Joe when she was with Tom – then this line adds up.

But it’s been 2,190 days of our love blackout

6 years.

(Our love is blacking out)
The system’s breaking down
(The system’s breaking down)

But what is breaking down? Her defense mechanism? Her need to search for someone new? Our love is blacking out the world? So many questions. She answers it in the bridge.

A brief interruption
A slight malfunction
I’d go back to wanting
Dudes who give nothing

I feel like she is saying that this glitch is making her not yearn for someone new, that typically she would find herself being unhappy and wanting more, so she’d be in a content relationship that didn’t offer much, and leave for another relationship that allow gave her nothing in return. But this time – all of that desire and lost hope is put on hold-

I thought we had no chance
And that’s romance
Let’s dance

I thought we had no chance, but this is working out? This is romance.

She doesn’t want anyone else. She typically uses the word dance for falling in love. All of her songs use it for the moments she is falling in love, dancing in the kitchin, dancing under the streetlights, a moment of freedom and joy- so the fact she brings it in here means it’s happening together. Snow on the beach.

Photo Representation

I think there’s been a glitch

I see this moment happening while she was writing Lover. With the release of All of the Girls, I recently have really been loving her really be her happiest self. With the tour, the love songs, the laughter, it’s just all too much ❤

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