To Fail is to Try

You won’t be liked by everyone. Some may think you are too much or not enough. Others will say you are too loud or too quiet. If you wear your heart on your sleeve people will say you are too emotional, sensitive, empathetic… but none of these things are flaws of you – they are flaws of them.

Being kind is a choice.
Being empathetic is a skill.
Being forward or direct while remaining to be sensitive is a positive, trained, and challenging behavior to achieve.

You can live your life scuffing at opinions of others you don’t understand easily. You can say people are terrible for choices that they had to make without understanding the emotional turmoil they went through while making them. It’s simply easier to live in a bubble without complex thought rather than challenging yourself on notions to understand, but it is exactly how our issues in this world have become cyclical and how they never see resolution. To challenge yourself and question where you, and those you look up to, falter, is growth. You will never grow if you never see fault or failure.

Failure doesn’t mean failure permanently, failure means you are trying – failure means growth – failure means success in the future. Because you cannot fail at something in which you never tried.

Challenge your own thoughts on a topic you never understood today and ask yourself what link you are missing to understand it. Until we begin to seek outside of our own walls – we will see no resolution in the world.

Fail. Fail every day. Failing means you are trying.

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